Berkel Volano L16 Meat Slicer Red

Berkel Volano L16 flywheel cured meat slicer with stand is an ideal machine for any type of cured meat. The structure is made of painted cast-iron with chrome-plated steel details, such as the data plate with serial number.


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Berkel Flywheel L16 Red

The L16 is a celebration of excellence, an expression of the the most refined Made in Italy. The classic red Berkel and, upon request, fitted with a characteristic en nuance cast-iron pedestal, the new fly-wheel slicer L16 offers a modern interpretation of Berkel style: small in size, refined finishings and continuously superior performance. Berkel knows, in its tireless search for perfection, that state-of -the-art can only be achieved by seamlessly blending tradition and innovation, that is the only way to perpetrate the allure of an icon, the strength of a myth.

Technical Data

  • Height  750 mm
  • Lenght  880 mm
  • Width 600 mm
  • Weight 105 kg
  • Blade Diameter 350 mm
  • Cut Capacity Circle 210 mm
  • Cut Capacity Rectangular 260 x 200 mm
  • Max Thickness 0 – 2.7 mm