Berkel Volano B2 Meat Slicer Red

Volano B2 – The manual flywheel meat slicer for those who want to bring a touch of class to their homes and tables. Its elegance brightens up the room, its perfect cut is a celebration of flavours. All this in a compact little jewel.

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It is the last born and the more compact slicer in the modern era of Berkel Volano family. Despite a 265 mm diameter blade, at the top of the category, the brand new Volano B2 has super compact dimensions that facilitate an easy positioning in your kitchen. The flywheel protrudes below the working table only about 33 mm to allow the opening of the lower drawers; the well known attention to details of the Berkel products makes even more difference in this case. Graceful and well-proportioned, it keeps the distinctive elegance of our Volano slicers providing at the same time the perfect cut that our founder Wilhelmus van Berkel researched for a long time.

  • Height  570 mm
  • Lenght 675 mm
  • Width 530 mm
  • Weight: 33 kg
  • Blade Diameter 265 mm
  • Blade material inox 100cr6
  • Cut Capacity Circle 176 mm
  • Cut Capacity Reptangular 190 x 165 mm
  • Max Thickness 0 – 1,35 mm


• Specific aluminum alloy casting and ABS Inox and rubber feet for total stability during slicing
• The flywheel protrudes below the working table only about 33mm (the minimum on the market) to allow the opening of the lower drawers
• Feet adjustable kit to lift up the slicer of another 22mm in case of need
• 265mm chromed steel blade with professional profile: reduces waste and ensures perfect slices
• Food plate quick advance and returning system combined with a manual millimetric knob for perfect product positioning
• Classic Berkel design of the tower, combining elegance and robust design
• Gold color decorations to enhance varnished parts
• Classic Berkel flywheel with squared profile internally balanced to prevent unintentional rotation in any position
• Removable sharpener included with a two separate movements operating system to increase sharpening precision
• Gauge plate opening knob with the 8 positions to adjust slice thickness from 0,15 mm to 1,3 mm
• Very thin residual product to minimize wasted material
• Steel deflector with facilitated magnetic coupling for a better slices removal
• NFC TAG casted in the machine body as a certificate of authenticity


• Stainless steel professional food plate with a detachable system for an easy machine cleaning and rubber insert on the bottom to minimize movement during slicing
• Assisted aluminum, with steel spikes, product press holder for a complete locking of the product
• Wide space for fast and easy cleaning and a rear space to collect wasted material
• Quick slice deflector block removal system for an easy cleaning of the machine
• Stainless steel removable receiving plate, dishwasher-safe


•Stainless steel full blade ring guard with manual opening system for best safety
• Food grade aluminum back ring guard fixed for best safety
• Black anodized aluminum ergonomic controls in comfortable position to maximize the grip and to minimize any effort for the operator