Les Reves Byzantins

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Les Reves Byzantins – Rosenthal meets Versace

The Les Reves Byzantins decòr expresses the re-discovery of an exotic-oriental atmosphere. It blends symbols of Middle Eastern art with the Versace classic baroque motifs and iconic symbols of medieval art. read more...

This pattern designed by Donatella Versace guides us directly to Istanbul, ancient Byzantium. Istanbul was the gateway between East and West, enabling us to dream the mythical worlds of Arabian Nights. The vivid pink highlights the female character and enhances the brilliance of the collection with its numerous golden leaves, crescent moons and braidings.

The Versace and Rosenthal partnership began back in 1992 under the creative guidance of Gianni Versace. His intention at that time was to develop the idea of a Versace lifestyle and his work with Rosenthal was central to this. “Versace is a lifestyle and it should be an all-embracing decision for those who choose to adopt it”, he said. Gianni Versace’s original vision is still evident in the current designs of the Rosenthal meets Versace Collections.

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