Saint Louis Apollo Gold Champagne Coupe


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Saint Louis Apollo Gold Champagne Coupe. Today, Saint-Louis forges a path between heritage and innovation, committed to preserving centuries of high-level craftsmanship, while at the same time staying on the cutting edge of modern crystal techniques and design. The purest expression of the French style. Mouthblown, hand-cut crystal glass, gilded. Hand-wash recommended.

Dimensions: H12.8 cm, ø 9.8 cm, 18 cl

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The “Apollo Gold” glasses by Saint-Louis are almost too nice to use. They have a striking shape and bear a 24-carat gold rim. When light falls onto them, it is refracted many times over in the crystal glass.

For 430 years, the French Saint-Louis manufactory has been producing works of art made of crystal glass. Each vessel is mouthblown, hand-cut and hand-engraved. The Saint Louis glassblowers and glass cutters are considered the best in France.

Here we present the “Apollo” bar glasses by Saint-Louis with a fine gold rim. They can be complemented by table glasses of the same series. All glasses are also available without gold in clear crystal glass.