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Apollo Saint Louis

Explore the timeless crystal collection Apollo Saint Louis and shop online these amazing stemware! All items will be sent in an elegant gift box in the original box and with the guarantee certificate. In Greek and in Roman mythology Apollo was indeed the God of Light — it is no wonder, then, that a complete Saint Louis product line should be named after him. read more...

Created in 1979, the “Apollo” design has a distinctive shape and an angular cut which reflects light in a multitude of different colours. No matter whether it be the “Apollo” stemware, whose broad bowls rest on delicate stems, or the bar glasses whose rims are contoured by a fine line of 24-carat gold: the Saint Louis “Apollo“ design always displays a very distinctive cut and brilliance.

The fact that no other glasses sparkle quite like these “Apollo“ glasses from Saint Louis is because of the unrivalled quality of the manufacturing process: each item is mouth-blown, hand-cut and polished, and in some cases gilded by hand too, at the traditional French glassworks. About ten glass blowers and five glass cutters are involved over a number of days in the production of one single glass — with a truly “divine” result. The colour palette ranges from magical red to gleaming turquoise, striking amethyst, enchanting chartreuse or modern flannel. These jewels can be arranged into a resplendent bouquet of bright crystal glass, or you can remain true to one colour and arrange splendid, matching table decorations. What is more, the “Apollo ” glasses from Saint-Louis are beautiful that’s why they have to be in use all the time, either to hold a drink, or when empty elegantly gathered around the carafe in still life formation.

The Apollo line also comprises a lighting collection, which includes a table lamp, wall light, lantern and ceiling light, designed by Godefroy de Virieu and Stefania Di Petrillo. Inspired by the parison of the Apollo ceremony glass these lights are ultra-contemporary objects, airy and poetic, decorated with enchanting constellation and they break away from classic norms to offer a playful and light-filled bouquet.

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