Puiforcat Toast Rack Normandie Silver Plated

Puiforcat Toast Rack Normandie Silver-plated with tray is a truly exceptional item just perfect for your table setting.

Gift box included.

Size: L15.5 x W9.5 x H9.5 cm

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The silverplated “Normandie” toast rack by Puiforcat is a stylish addition to the cutlery series. The discreetly elegant cutlery was designed in 1934 by Jean Puiforcat specially for the first-class tables of the “Normandy” cruise ship.

The stringently geometric shape is particularly eye-catching. It is characteristic of the design language used by Jean Puiforcat and provided the foundation for the French manufacturer’s success. The Orfèvrerie Puiforcat is one of the most exclusive silversmiths in the world.