Puiforcat Art Déco Champagne Bucket

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Puiforcat Art Déco Champagne Bucket Silver Plated is a truly exceptional item just perfect for your drinking everyday routine. Gift box included.

Size: 400 cl – Ø 18 cm – H 20 cm

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Puiforcat Art Déco Champagne Bucket

Clearly defined curves, strict angles and a dynamic outline. This collection remains unflinchingly true to the precision of Art Deco stylings of which Jean Puiforcat ranked among the most illustrious disciples. In these pieces, the silversmith-cum-designer blended silver-plated metal with precious wood to create subtle contrasts.

Jean Puiforcat, a pioneer of shape experimentation, infused his creations with purpose. The Silver-Plated Art Déco Champagne Bucket is a testament to his vision, marrying beauty and function in perfect harmony.

Mastery of Line and Refinement

This champagne bucket showcases the mastery of line and refinement cherished by the master silversmith. Every curve and detail reflects Puiforcat’s commitment to achieving the utmost elegance in his designs.

Precious Wood Handles

Elevating the aesthetics, precious wood handles adorned with three grooves add a touch of color, striking contrast, and subtle adornment. Experience the synergy of materials in this exceptional piece.

Perfect for Daily Delight

The Puiforcat Art Déco Champagne Bucket, Silver-Plated, transcends the extraordinary, making it a perfect addition to your everyday drinking routine. Elevate each moment with this exceptional item.

Gift Box Included

Enhance the joy of ownership or create an unforgettable gift experience – this masterpiece comes impeccably packaged. The gift box is a luxurious addition, elevating the overall charm of this exceptional champagne bucket.

Champagne Bucket Details:

400 cl – Ø 18 cm – H 20 cm

With a capacious size of 400 cl, a diameter of Ø 18 cm, and a height of 20 cm, this champagne bucket combines functionality with a sleek silhouette. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Puiforcat’s craftsmanship.

Puiforcat invites you to explore the perfect blend of form and function in the Art Déco Champagne Bucket, a true masterpiece that transforms your daily drinking routine into a refined and elegant experience.

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