Lladró Daruma Figurine Pink


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Lladró Daruma Figurine Pink in matte porcelain with metallic lustre is a traditional Japanese good luck charm that symbolizes a desired goal. Gift box included.
Sculptor: Francisco Cuesta
Size: Height 12 cm, Width 12 cm, Length 11 cm

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For this first time, Lladró artists have taken their inspiration from traditional Japanese daruma. Traditionally made in cardboard, this talisman was then burnt in an act of gratitude once a desire had been fulfilled. Lladró’s darumas are made in glazed porcelain and symbolize both goals achieved and new ones yet to be set. For the decoration, it was decided to create a version in pink and another in blue, with touches of golden luster. Both versions boast painstaking floral ornamentation, etched by hand, and have the word for Happiness written in traditional Japanese characters.

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