Foscarini Rituals 2 Table Lamp Dimmer

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Foscarini Rituals 2 Table Lamp

Material: blown engraved satin glass and varnished metal
Light Source:
LED retrofit, Fluo 1x 15W Dimmable E27
LED retrofit, Halo 1x 105W E27
LED retrofit, Halo 1x 105W Dimmable E27

Table lamp with diused light. A collection of three diuser shapes in hand-blown glass made using a glassblowing procedure without turning the glass in the mould (referred to as “”stationary””); the striped eect is achieved using a mould with negative decorations which are repeated across the surface of the glass, which is subsequently ground manually “”by belt”” and which then undergoes immersion in acid in order to emphasise the plaster-like eect. The diuser rests on a die cast zinc alloy tripod coated with epoxy powder paint with a rough nish on the metal surface. ON/OFF switch on the transparent cable or with dimmer for the gradual brightness adjustment.
One, two, three lanterns that are lightweight yet brimming with seductive texture. Three dierent yet concurrently complementary shapes, balancing between the east and the west. A family of lamps that sheds its relaxing light in the most diverse settings, conveying the magic of rice paper or mulberry tree bark, the raw materials of traditional Japanese lanterns, in the precious physical appeal of blown and frosted glass. The horizontal lines which cut across the surface of the lamps give rise to a soft and charming décor and at the same time contribute to ltering the intensity of the light source, diusing a full, warm and soft light into the room. The blown glass body – with its pleasantly plaster-like appearance – is suspended on a base consisting of three metal feet: a highly distinguishing trait, on which the lamp appears to be oating mid-air. They are perfect for use alone or in a harmonious composition of shapes; on a bedside table, a console and a table or even on the oor: for an area dedicated to relaxation or as meditation lamps, wisely lighting both the space we live in as well as our interior world.