Christofle Shaker Silver Plated Graphik


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The shaker is one of the essential bar utensils.
Entirely in silver plated, it is the essential accessory for mixing drinks and the best way to obtain a cocktail at the perfect temperature and mixture.
This three-piece shaker comes with a strainer which allows you to filter your pre-shaken cocktails.
The conductivity of the silver plated is ideal to keep cool your cocktails.
Gift box included.

Height : 22.4 cm
Diametre : 7.1 cm

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Christofle expands its GRAPHIK collection launched in 2015, from crystal to silver plated.
The resolutely modern and elegant design of this collection is inspired by crystal cut according to the traditional pattern made by glassmakers.

The GRAPHIK collection is evolving to offer a full range focused on barware and the preparation of cocktails. The art of cocktail makes a comeback.
Reduced to its simplest expression since the 80s, it is now one of the most popular drinks of the moment.

The GRAPHIK pattern in its modern and emblematic size is part of a different rhythm from one piece to another.
All the collection is made in France.