Bosa Sisters Frida Copper White

Bosa Sisters Frida Copper White in ceramic is enriched with precious copper metal details.

Designed by a spanish artist Pepa Reverter special for Bosa. Gift box included.

Size: L 22 x H 39.5 cm

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Shipping time: approx. 1-2 months

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The Bosa Sisters collection consists of five sculptures vases made of white ceramic. The five pieces are available in different finishes, all of them are made and painted by hand. The design of this elegant and tender collection comes from the hand of the artist Pepa Reverter, who says of these pieces that they are a tribute to women of all cultures and all times. They have been designed in Barcelona and this is what brings them a cosmopolitan and a Mediterranean point of view towards life.
Their names are Louise, Frida, Sofia, Helen and Clara, they are sisters. Imaginative, happy and caring. They like the beauty of fair and open spaces, where their heads full of harmony and creativity can transmit light.
A collection of vases that pays tribute to women of all cultures and all times which is continuously enriched with colors and textures: launched in 2015, the romantic version of Clara with a heart and available in colors bright red and white satin finish with precious metals; in 2016 new decorations and a new detail for Clara, Louise e Helen; il 2018 Pepa Reverter plays with strong colors patterns, full backgrounds and ethno patterns