Bosa Maskhayon Set of 5 Bear Masks Big Baile Collection

Bosa Maskhayon Set of 5 Bear Masks Big Baile Collection in ceramic is a stylish gift set for design lovers. Each mask is designed in glossy coloured glaze with lustrous gold precious details.

Designed by famous artist and designer Jaime Hayon special for Bosa. Gift box included.

Size: L 57 x H 57 cm each

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The Baile Collection reinterprets some of the best-selling products signed by Jaime Hayon special for Bosa.

In a joyful masquerade ball, the products have fun dressing up with strong signs and bright tones: the gestures of the design and colour express the cheerful and imaginative imagery of the Spanish designer.

This Bosa Set of 5 Maskhayon Masks from Baile Collection consists 1 each of:

  • Maskhayon Bear Peacock Blue Mask Big
  • Maskhayon Bear Pink Mask Big
  • Maskhayon Bear Vintage Green Mask Big
  • Maskhayon Bear Dark Red Mask Big
  • Maskhayon Bear Green Mask Big