Versace Medusa Gala small square dish 12 cm


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The Versace Medusa Gala small square dish comes tastefully nested in a gift box.

Size: 12 cm x 12 cm

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The ancient Greeks used the Gorgon’s Head in plate decoration to bring good fortune and ward off evil.
Versace resumes this belief and the flamboyant golden Medusa Head stands again guardian of our home bringing elaborate whites and golds to the modern world.
Swirling golden arabesque festoons embrace the enchanting mythical figure outlined on the snow white porcelain.
A gift which will enchant your wedding guests.

The baroque aesthetics and the Versace’s luxurious richness of the Medusa Gala decòr enriches even further the glamorous Rosenthal Versace collections dedicated to the mythological creature.
The Medusa becomes extremely elegant and refined against the dazzling white porcelain background enveloped by the gilded filigree and intricate baroque ornaments.
The collection is a bit subdued in terms of colour featuring an ornate pale grey and white pattern with or without gold accents.
According to ancient myths Medusa was one of the three Gorgons which in Greek mythology were sea monsters with gold wings, snakes for hair, and turned anyone who looked directly at them to stone.

The Medusa Gala smallsquare dish is ideal for those who wish to bring home the magnificence of gold combined to the sophistication of the Versace patterns ideal for gala dinners as the name inspires.
The “Medusa Gala Gold” line, adorned with a full-faced gold plume and ribbon motif, is even more luxurious.