Versace Medusa Gala Small Square Dish 12 cm

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The Versace Medusa Gala Small Square Dish, measuring 12 cm, is a captivating embodiment of luxury and refinement. Within its compact dimensions, this dish encapsulates the iconic Medusa Gala collection’s opulent aesthetic, showcasing Versace’s commitment to merging classical elegance with modern design.

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Size: 12 cm x 12 cm


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Versace Medusa Gala Small Square Dish 12 cm

Crafted to perfection, the 12 cm Medusa Gala Square Dish showcases the timeless charm of the Medusa motif against a backdrop of glossy white porcelain.

Its perfect square shape, measuring 12 cm on each side, embodies Versace’s commitment to creating pieces that are both visually striking and functionally versatile.

This compact square dish is designed for versatility, making it ideal for serving appetizers, desserts, or as a decorative accent. Despite its modest size, it radiates an undeniable presence, seamlessly fitting into various culinary settings and table arrangements.

Versace Medusa Gala Small Square Dish features:

  • Brand: Versace
  • Pattern: Medusa Gala
  • Material: Fine Porcelain
  • Size: Ø 12,0 cm (4 1/2 inch), H: 1,7 cm 3/4 inch
  • Made in Germany
  • Hand wash only,
  • Food contact safe
  • Gift box included.

Luxurious Presentation:

Each square dish is a work of art, carefully presented to you in the unmistakable style of Versace. The Medusa Gala Square Dish is not just a piece of tableware; it is a statement of sophistication and luxury. The iconic Medusa motif takes center stage, transforming your dining experience into a visual feast.

Craftsmanship Beyond Expectations:

The Medusa Gala Square Dish is more than just an accessory; it is a testament to Versace’s dedication to superior craftsmanship. The delicate motifs, intricate details, and gold embellishments on the dish showcase the brand’s commitment to excellence, turning an everyday item into a masterpiece.

Ideal for Everyday Elegance:

The 12 cm square dish from the Medusa Gala Collection isn’t reserved for special occasions; it’s designed to bring elegance to your everyday moments. Elevate your daily dining experiences, infusing each meal with a touch of Versace’s timeless allure and uncompromising style.

Perfect as a Bonbon for Weddings or Special Occasions:

Consider the 12 cm square dish from the Medusa Gala Collection as a perfect bonbon for a wedding gift. Its exquisite design, coupled with the renowned Versace name, makes it a thoughtful and luxurious present, symbolizing sophistication and enduring love.

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