Versace Medusa Blue Small Plate 18 cm by Rosenthal

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Versace Medusa Blue Small Plate 18 cm by Rosenthal in finest porcelain is perfect for those who wish to bring home the magnificence of gold and blue combined to the sophistication of the Versace patterns. Gift box included.
Size: Ø 18 cm

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Medusa Blue Tableware by Rosenthal Versace reflects the elegance of the black, the pulsating brilliance of the lively royal blue, and the magnificence of the gold patterns. The style is luxurious and glamorous because of the finest porcelain. 

This unique color spectrum combination dominates this extremely modern tableware collection and enshrines the great golden Medusa emblem in a deep blue sea. Lavish ornaments decorate this piece and make it a ‘must have’ for everyone in love with opulent design. You can buy Versace Medusa Blue Small Plate as a single piece. Rosenthal Institute for Material Technology (IWT) tested this decor and it is dishwasher safe.