Les Tresors de la Mer

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Les Tresors de la Mer by Versace

The cooperation between the German porcelain Rosenthal firm and Versace gave birth to the fascinating collection Les Tresors de la Mer. read more...

The Italian gifted designer immortalized the rich sea treasures of the god Neptune. He presented his tantalizing Calabrian Mediterranean marine world – shellfish, pearls, star fish and corals – in a turquoise sea among golden statues, baroque volutes, and frieze ornaments. The story behind is Ulysses’ sea voyage through the straits of Messina, tied to the ship’s mast in order to resist the bewitching singing of the mermaids. This collection is ideal for those who love luxury and want something slightly out of the common with a touch of the magic allure of bygone days.

A palette of delicate shades of colour gives life to items of great taste. They will enchant your guests and trigger new life in the exclusive world of designs. This imaginative dinner service, the epitome of elegance and refinement, was Designed by Paul Wunderlich. His works are characterised by magic and mysticism and by the use of precious materials such as porcelain. Wunderlich had been working for Rosenthal since 1978. Emblematic the gift box which recalls a little treasure box for your precious items.

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