Venini Geacolor Vase


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Venini Geacolor Vase in mouth-blown and hand-crafted multicolor Murano glass, gift-wrapped.
1 pc – Ø 30 cm (11.81″D)
Design: Gae Aulenti

Several multicolored, blown glass layers are joined together in the geacolor technique, creating an abstract decorative piece that is both visually captivating and expertly crafted. read more...

The techniques of transparency reflect the elegance and the quality of the « Made in Italy » mark, with an immediately recognisable design. With these techniques, the master-glassblowers give life to the most fantastic creations, touching objects of glass art with enthralling nuances of light. Geacolour is an iconic example. The technique used is mould-blowing, an alternative to free blowing, where the globe of molten glass is placed on the end of the blow pipe, and is then inflated into a carved mould. In that way, the shape and the texture of the bubble of glass is determined by the design on the interior of the mould rather than the skill of the glassworker.

This beautiful Venini Glass vase is comprised of multiple blown glass layers of coloured glass built over a clear spherical matrix creating an abstract decorative piece that is both visually captivating and expertly crafted. The designer is Gae Aulenti, one of the most celebrated Italian architects and was launched into production by Venini in 1996. Gae Aulenti embraced a precise idea of Italian design, that is, creating products the user may establish both a functional and emotional relationship with: the object therefore has its own value besides its specific effectiveness, capable of engaging and conquering its own users and communicating with them and this is what Geacolour precisely does.

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