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Tommy Saint Louis

Shop online for luxury french crystalware, explore the timeless collection Tommy Saint Louis! This timeless collection that reflects all the essence and dexterity of the glass-masters of Saint-Louis is one of the most popular designs in glass art featuring starred feet, bevelled stems, and forms adorned with diamond cuts, ribbons and beading.
Designed in 1928 and extremely popular to this day, the Tommy service made its brilliant showing in 1938 during a legendary royal lunch held in the Hall of Mirrors at the Versailles Palace to celebrate the State Visit of the British King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth, known to all as the Queen Mother.

The extensive service that makes up the Tommy collection is a brilliant and versatile representation of glassmaking: indeed the manufacture of these glass masterpieces still takes ten days and the process involves ten glass blowers for the shape and five glass cutters for the sparkling finish. Each sparkling jewel is the result of three famous glass-cutting techniques: diamond, pearl and bevelled.

It is difficult to say whether this glassware is iridescent light transformed into matter, or matter transformed into mesmerizing light. Hock glasses, Champagne flutes, Cocktail and Highball glasses and south wine glasses make up the “Tommy” crystal collection displaying captivating elegance, variety and enchanting rainbow colours. The colour palette ranges from magical red to gleaming turquoise, striking amethyst, enchanting chartreuse, translucent green or modern flannel.

These jewels can be arranged into a resplendent bouquet of bright crystal glass, or you can remain true to one colour and arrange splendid, matching table decorations violet, sky blue, red, grey, green, dark blue, chartreuse, amethyst and amber. The collection also includes Vases, Bowls, Decanters, Candleholders or Champagne coolers made of the finest French crystal glass. The wonderful texture of the ornate glasses is nice to the touch and a treat to hold during your drinking session.