Saint Louis Manhattan Shaker

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Saint Louis Manhattan Shaker. Resolutely modern, the clarity of the handmade crystal enhances the color and presentation of spirits and beverages. Used for iconic cocktails such as the Cosmopolitan and the Manhattan, it is also suitable for serving champagne. Mouthblown, hand-cut crystal glass, lid silverplated. Hand-wash recommended.

Diameter: H24.2 cm, ø 8.9 cm, 50 cl

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The Saint-Louis Manhattan design boasts deep vertical and horizontal cuts across the crystal for an architecture inspired by New York. Manhattan collection come from the name of a famous cocktail. And of a cosmopolitan, high-rise city, as vibrant as crystal. During the Prohibition era, this was where the culture of speakeasies and clandestine bars came about, born of a desire to continue having fun. With architectural cut crystal lines reminiscent of the era, the assortment offers you the freedom of creating the perfect cocktail at home among family and friends.

Used for certain frappé cocktails, it makes a perfect emulsion and cools ingredients of different types and densities. These can be fruit juices, cordials, alcohols, thick liquids (cream, honey, eggs, etc.), or solids (ice cubes, spices or fruit pieces). Its lower part consists of a tall glass in clear crystal that allows the mixture to be viewed. Used alone, it suitable for preparing cocktails stirred with a spoon. Its upper part in silvered metal fits over the top of the glass. It is composed of two sections: a middle part with the filter, through which the cocktail is poured, and the stopper in food-grade rubber, which tops the shaker and ensures it remains hermetically sealed for mixing. The shaker is essential for making a large number of cocktails, such as the Long Island and the Whisky Sour.