Saint Louis Bubbles Vase

Saint Louis Bubbles Vase. The hand-cut glass beads, which seem to float one on top of the other in descending size, produce a unique and surprisingly pleasant grip. Mouthblown, hand-cut crystal glass. Hand-wash recommended. Gift box included.
Diameter: H25 cm

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Shipping time: approx. 2-6 months


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The “Bubbles” small vase by Saint-Louis is ideal for showcasing single flowers and is part of a comprehensive glass range which the English artist Teleri Ann Jones designed for Saint-Louis in 1992. The exquisite crystal object combines modern design with tradition and the high-quality for which France’s oldest crystal glass manufacturer is renowned.

The small Saint-Louis vase is mouthblown and hand-cut. The “Bubbles” dot engraving is also done by hand and demands the highest level of craftsmanship. Up to five days are needed in total for the production of these decorative vases.