NEW Venini Opalino Vase Paraiba Matte Medium

NEW Venini Opalino Vase Paraiba Matte Medium 706.22 with a gift box.
New Collection 2023.

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A breath of summer freshness guides us to the discovery of the new Venini collection, inspired by the fascinating color of summer: Paraiba. The intense green of the precious gem evokes the energy and liveliness of tropical landscapes, enriching Venini’s iconic collection with vibrant shades and a unique and exciting visual experience. Venini 2023’s new  summer colour Paraiba is perfect for modern environments.

Elegance has no excess, no frills, no illusions. Elegance is purity, it is essential and perfect lines. Elegance is a handmade blown glass vase, that never reveals her age and has been in exhibitions and publications worldwide for over eighty years. Elegance has a synonym – Opalino.

Venini Opalino Vase Paraiba Matte Medium characteristics:
  • Brand: Venini
  • Model: Opalino
  • Material: Murano Glass with sandblasted finish
  • Size: Ø 17 x H 36 cm (6” 11/16 – 1’ 2” 11/64)
  • Weight: Kg: ~ 2 (Lb ~ 4,4)
  • New Paraiba Colour
  • Designed by Paolo Venini in 1932.
  • Signed at base.
  • Wipe clean with soft dry cloth.
  • Made in Italy.
  • Gift box included.

VENINI has always created objects with a timeless design that are destined to appreciate in value. Thanks to the excellence of quality, the high artistic content, and the manufacturing value intrinsic to each piece, the hammer prices of VENINI glassware reach record figures at major auctions; in fact, the highest price ever paid for a Murano art object was for a VENINI piece, “La Sentinella di Venezia” of 1962, which fetched 737 thousand dollars.

Creations bearing the Venini signature have become part of the permanent collections of museums of such calibre as the Metropolitan Museum and MoMA in New York, the Fondation Cartier in Paris, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Venini’s own museum contains 45,000 drawings, 10,000 vintage photos and 4,000 works of art, making it the most valuable historical archive of modern and contemporary glass art.

The opaque white glass known as lattimo was invented in Murano some time around the middle of the 15th century in an attempt to imitate porcelain, which was then beginning to enter Europe in significant quantities. Opaline glass had its golden age in the 1930s, and gives its name to the Opalino collection created by Venini in 1930-35. It’s made by encasing lattimo glass in one or more thin layers of transparent or coloured glass to obtain an intensely vivid and colourful effect.