Hermes Set of Three Square Plates Cheval d’Orient

Hermes Cheval d’Orient Set of Three Square Plates n°1 to n°3, Limoges porcelain.
Dimensions: n°1: L 7 x W 7 cm; n°2: L 11 x W 11 cm; n°3: L 15 x W 15 cm

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Limonge porcelain with an allure that draws you directly into the silk road caravans resplendent in colours and equestrian motifs which acknowledge the high status that these beautiful creatures have always had in tradition worldwide.
The majestic Arabian horses according to the typical Persian style are depicted sideways, individually or as part of a cavalcade, hence giving prominence to these fiery creatures unique features like the high tails, the large eyes, the short backs and arched necks. The superiority of this breed and its endurance perfectly reflects the characteristic of this refined tableware which will embellish your table settings for decades to come.
Limoges porcelain. Dishwasher safe.
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