Hermes Large Round Tray Bleus d’Ailleurs


Hermès has temporarily stopped production of the Bleus d’Ailleurs collection.
Please, contact us on WhatsApp  +39 391 345 6441 for any information.

Hermes Bleus d’Ailleurs Large Round Tray in Limoges porcelain. Gift box included.

Size: Ø 44 cm (17.32″D)

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Honeycombs, blooms and petals, outlined in black so as to give a modern spin to the traditional porcelain design, combine brightness and simplicity yet with a sense of depth and heritage.
This collection evokes the countless sea voyages of exploration and trade between Paris and Asia world taking inspiration from the traditional Ming porcelain and from the array of shapes seen in nature.
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Limoges porcelain. Dishwasher safe.