Christofle Fleur D’Argent Bread Plate


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Diameter: 16 cm

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The pattern Fleur d’Argent loosely translated as silver flower, takes its inspiration from chinese architectural motifs which form a fine lattice around the edge of the plate interrupted only by various light sprigs of field flowers. Edged with the same key band of platinum as Metropolis, Fleur d’Argent was conceived as a mix-and-match pattern to alleviate the rigor of the former. Ever since its creation in Paris in 1830, Christofle has been a symbol of elegance and luxury thanks to continuous innovations in the production of silver pieces fit for kings and heads of state throughout the world. As a privileged witness and a player in the evolution of taste, customs and traditions, Christofle’s collections reflect the decorative styles of the periods for which it created from Baroque to Art Nouveau, from Art Deco to Avant-Garde, always associating itself with the renowned artists, silversmiths, designers and architects of its time.