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Christofle Aria

Christofle Aria cutlery was created in 1985 by designer Bernard Yot. This flatware collection gives the table a very personal touch. Its unique and very recognizable design mixes several inspirations. He tells us about the grandeur of ancient Rome, the imposing columns of its temples and the draped toga of the patricians. It also inspires us with a sensitive, melodic, very airy universe.

The name of the collection unequivocally refers to the sumptuousness and purity of the Divas’ voices which punctuate and sublimate the most beautiful Opera tunes.

Christofle Aria cutlery is available in sets of 24 or 30 silver metal table pieces for 6 people, 48 table pieces for 12 people or an individual set of 5 cutlery.

Many pieces are offered individually, including: serving fork, carving fork, soup spoon, espresso spoon, teaspoon, shovel for serving rice and fries in sterling silver or silver metal, soup ladle in silver metal or potato spoon in sterling silver…