Bosa The Shiny Bugs Sculpture

Limited and numbered edition for two years.

It is a pleasure to present you Bosa The Shiny Bugs Sculpture in ceramic for the 100th anniversary of Warner Bros.

Gift box included.

h 60 cm

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Bosa The Shiny Bugs Sculpture

Bosa adorns the official bunny mascot of Warner Bros: The Shiny Bugs emerges as a vibrant and dazzling commemorative project crafted by Vittorio Gennari for the centennial anniversary of the company, established in 1923 by the four Warner brothers.

Warner Bros has enlisted Bosa as a collaborator to mark a significant milestone: the Studios’ 100th anniversary. Bugs Bunny, the beloved mascot, transforms into The Shiny Bugs, fashioned from exquisite ceramics.

For this exclusive co-branded project, available for a limited two-year period, Vittorio Gennari reimagines the character with a mischievous, entertained, and seemingly naive demeanor, sculpting a dynamic figure adorned with diverse material textures, luminous hues, and metallic accents.

Clever, amusing, and audacious, Bugs Bunny stands as one of cinema’s most iconic and globally recognized characters, earning distinctions such as his own US postage stamp and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Despite debuting in the late 1930s, he remains a cherished symbol of wit and intellect for newer generations.

In honor of this occasion, Bugs Bunny is attired with sophistication befitting his refined persona, showcasing intricate details and gleaming accessories embellished with glossy enamels and precious metals, creating a delightful contrast against fur portions boasting a delicate satin sheen.

The ensemble features alternating blue—Warner Bros’ signature hue—and silver stripes, complemented by a bow tie and cummerbund. His eyes gleam with the studio’s colors: blue and yellow. The inner ear displays a chromatic pink hue, while the whiskers sport a three-dimensional texture reminiscent of the Looney Tunes logo waves, echoed in the green-blue tones of the paws.

A final touch: lapel pins bearing the Warner Bros and Bosa logos.

Color Palette: Vibrant enamels and precious metals.