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NEW Versace Barocco Mosaic

The Barocco Mosaic is a new 2021 Versace tableware collection that perfectly reflects the elegance of the iconic motifs of the Versace Maison. read more...

Since 1978 when the Italian Fashion House was launched by Gianni Versace, it distinguished itself for rich and luxurious inimitable style. Inspired by different ages, especially a period of Ancient Greece, each creation of Versace with its bright colours and interesting mixing prints immediately turned into a fashion work of art. The Barocco Mosaic Tableware Collection will take you back in time when the great Gianni Versace tried to shock the world of fashion with its creative extraordinary ideas and eccentric ornamental combinations.

Crafted from the finest porcelain, The Barocco Mosaic Versace Tableware Collection features some of the Versace most iconic prints that are already presented in its Fashion Clothing Collection. So which elements can be find on this elegant patchwork tableware?
• An Iconic Medusa head is an infinite symbolic Versace signature;
• La Coupe Des Dieux ornament;
• Opulent Barocco printed elements.

Each of these decorative elements replace each other in order to create a new sophisticated composition full of logo printed embellishments. Its gold and multicoloured baroque elements framed by golden line accentuate the richness of each painted element. The expressive details like a luxurious vase and two imposing lions o richly decorated golden V in the middle demonstrate its opulence and show how these rich embellishments accentuate the high quality of this Barocco Mosaic tableware collection.

The Barocco Mosaic Versace tableware is an ode to artistic heritage of brand. This collection is a sophisticated amalgamation of different historical elements with vibrant design that were all put together to create an out of common design. All glamorous patterns of this Versace tableware idyllically highlight its uniqueness and extraordinary appeal.

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