Venini Decò Vase large 707.10 milk-white

Venini Decò large vase in mouth-blown and hand-crafted opalino Murano glass.
1 pc – Ø 26 cm, h 29 cm (10.23″D – 11,41″H)

This handmade blown opal glass vase was designed by Napoleone Martinuzzi in 1930. Its feature geometric forms repeated to create the Art Deco style with glass.

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The technical part of Opalino from the manufacture of milk glass, an opaque white glass, invented in Murano in the mid-fifteenth century to imitate the first porcelain all the rage in Europe. It is obtained by superimposing “encasing” the milk glass with a glass or more thin transparent and d glass, getting beautiful objects with intense colors and bright. To embellish glass with soft colors are included on the entire surface of leaves of gold and silver objects getting gorgeous “Golden Armed.”