Baccarat Crystal Highball Harcourt 1841

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Baccarat Crystal Highball Harcourt 1841, engaging in both the visual and tactile senses, completes a well-stocked bar. This crystal vessel is perfect for enjoying cocktails and mixed drinks over ice.

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Baccarat Crystal Highball Harcourt 1841

The Harcourt 1841 collection, the oldest in the Baccarat archive, is reputed for its iconic design. Created in 1841, Harcourt stemware has been chosen by historical icons. The Harcourt 1841 collection has also been a staple of French power, selected since the age of Napoleon III to its contemporary use in the Palais de l’Élysée.

The Harcourt 1841 glass is characterized by its architectural form: a stunning shape from the flat cut pattern of the bowl to the beveled geometry of the stem down to the hexagonal foot. Its craftsmanship is apparent from every angle of its regal and graceful form. Sipping from a Harcourt 1841 glass is taking part in the brand’s storied and elegant past.

Baccarat Crystal Highball Harcourt 1841 details:

  • Brand: Baccarat
  • Collection: Harcourt
  • Color: Clear
  • Glass Usage: Cocktail glass
  • Height: 11,5 cm
  • Diameter: 7.5 cm
  • Material: Crystal
  • Made in France
  • Gift box included

Baccarat Crystal Highball Harcourt 1841 aesthetics:

The pattern, made vertically from the middle of the glass wall to its base, underlines the craftsmanship applied to the Baccarat Clear crystal. The Harcourt collection fully engages both the visual and tactile senses, and is a wonderful addition to a well-stocked bar.