Saint Louis Twist 1586 Wine Decanter


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Saint Louis Twist 1586 Wine Decanter. Each glass from the “Twist” series has a different wave design, individually conceived to highlight the liquid content at its best.

Diameter: H33.4 cm, ø 19.7 cm, 150 cl

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 To surprise your guests, don’t be afraid to serve champagne in a decanter. This little-known practice allows young champagnes in particular to breathe. The decanter allows the bubbles of these vigorous, vivacious champagnes to be controlled and their acidity to be rounded out. And the champagne’s dance inside a Saint-Louis decanter is a show in itself.

Twist 1586, is an audacious collection of tasting glasses pairing esthetics with technical expertise. Forgotten is the intimidating etiquette of the traditional dégustation: Twist 1586 proposes, without concern for color or origin, a choice as natural as it is universal: a glass for the young wine, a glass for the mature wine, a glass for champagne. For them, Saint-Louis has reinvented the iconic Venetian stripe, the parison reveals all the nuances of wine through a subtle play of light. Its lines of varying density, depending on the model, succeed the regular bands of yesteryear. Each with its own rhythm. Handmade in France.