Lladró Set of 3 Animal Masks Fierce Portraits

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Mandrill Mask (Size: Height 44 cm, Width 31 cm, Length 14 cm)
Tiger Mask (Size: Height 38 cm, Width 30 cm, Length 23 cm)
Owl Mask (Size: Height 35 cm, Width 32 cm, Length 14 cm)
Designer: José Luis Santes

Tiger, Mandrill and Owl, decorated in white, black and golden luster, sculpturally placed between the realistic and the conceptual, can be hung on the wall or placed on a table thanks to a specially designed support.
The pieces of glazed porcelain, the masks are loaded with symbolism and expressive force and is perfect to gift or decorate all kinds of environments.

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Gloss porcelain, decorated in white, black & golden luster.
Non porcelain elements: They are fastened on a tabletop metal support or hung on a wall with a metal element included.
An absolutely innovative collection of animal masks in the Lladró catalogue. The wall decoration is expanded with this set of contemporary design inspired by traditional African masks. With a sculptural treatment between the realistic and the conceptual, these masks can also be displayed on a table thanks to a specially designed support.


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