Hutschenreuter Oval Platter Kabuki

Hutschenreuter Oval Platter Kabuki is designed to perfectly serve your dishes. This beautiful porcelain piece is a perfect addition or replacement to your collection.

Size: 34,7 cm x 24,7 cm

Discontinued and extremely difficult to find pattern!

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Hutschenreuter Oval Platter Kabuki

Kabuki porcelian tableware collection takes its name from a a classical form of Japanese theatre that mixes traditional dance with dramatic performance.

Beautifully observed and subtly varied studies of the harebell, with its slender stems and graceful flowers, create this delicate and sensitive design in fine bone china. This is a particularly elegant piece of porcelain, which Hutschenreuther only had in its range for a short time. Blue ornaments adorn the dishes. The clear design underlines the grace of this series.

Hutschenreuter Oval Platter Kabuki characteristics:

  • Brand: Hutschenreuter
  • Pattern: Kabuki
  • Size: 34,7 cm (13,7 inches) x 24,7 cm (9,72 inches)
  • Material: 100% finest porcelain
  • Made in Germany
  • Gift box included.

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