Ercuis Coupole 24 pcs Silver Plated Cutlery Set Prune


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Ercuis Arts Decoratifs Coupole silver plated 24 pieces cutlery set with prune design made for 6 guests contains:

  • 6 dinner forks (L 9.65 inch / L 24.5 cm)
  • 6 dinner knives (L 8.46 inch / L 21.5 cm)
  • 6 table spoons (L 8.46 inch / L 21.5 cm)
  • 6 after dinner tea spoons (L 5.51 inch / L 14 cm)

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F60058-01+02+03+09x6 Prune

Ercuis Coupole prune design cutlery set is a silver plated collection of high-end cutlery produced by Ercuis, a French luxury brand that has been creating exquisite tableware and decorative objects. The Coupole collection features sleek and modern designs, with a polished silver plated finish that is both elegant and durable.

Ercuis elevates flatware to a whole new level: the accessory becomes an essential decorative element in its own right, and the prominent feature of every table.
Arts Décoratifs is the new flatware collection by Ercuis, its coloured patterns evoking the key trends of French decorative arts. The decoration and colour adorn the cutlery with a new distinctive character; the varied designs draw inspiration from a wide range of sources and the possibilities are endless. This collection reflects the essence of the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts held in Paris in 1925.
Ercuis was already an exhibitor at the time, and today remains emblematic of an age that demonstrated French excellence in crafts and design. This period, during which design was revolutionised and new themes and techniques emerged, has retained its significance for Ercuis, which continues to perpetuate the spirit of the era through its collections.