Versace Square Dish 15 cm Les Reves Byzantins


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Versace Square Dish 15 cm Les Reves Byzantins in finest porcelain comes tastefully nested in a gift box.
Size: 15 cm

A shell pink gold frame borders the dish adorned by overflowing gold baroque floral designs and bordered by exquisite braided friezes.
The pattern recalls a window overlooking oriental landscapes through overgrown wild plants which will carry your guests through an oriental voyage .
The refined article is ideal as a centre piece on a classic table top or as a gift for a very special occasion.

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This striking composition by Donatella Versace echoes both the magnificent ornamentation from the ancient ‘Byzantine’ era and the legendary world of ‘Arabian Nights’ which blend magically with opulent baroque motifs and iconic symbols of medieval art.
The flamboyant gold shaded acanthus leaves stand out against a shell pink and gilded lattice pattern that adorns the delicately flared vase.
A true eye catcher for any home decor.
The Les Reves Byzantins decòr expresses the re-discovery of an exotic-oriental atmosphere which blends symbols of Middle Eastern art with the Versace classic baroque motifs and iconic symbols of medieval art.
This pattern designed by Donatella Versace guides us directly to Istanbul, ancient Byzantium, the gateway between East and West, enabling us to dream the mythical worlds of Arabian Nights.
The vivid pink highlights the female character and enhances the brilliance of the collection with its numerous golden leaves, crescent moons and braidings.