Versace Prestige Gala small Plate 18 cm by Rosenthal

$ 170,42

Versace “Prestige Gala” Side Plate comes nested in a refined gift box.

The bold platinum Greek key together with an inner gilded oriental border frame a luxurious golden urn.
Two imposing lions cling from the mesmerizing flowing drapery against a bronze background.
The two Medusa medallions inserted in the inner frieze add the iconic Versace touch to the new Prestige Gala collection making the plate a unique gift.

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Bring an ornate note to the table with stunning 24K gold-detailed dinnerware by Rosenthal Meets Versace.

Inspired by the iconic patterns of the silk collection “Le Vase Baroque” of the Versace design fashion Maison, the collection is the triumph of lavish gold and platinum embellishments and motifs in shades of black and grey, brilliant blue and turquoise, and lilac, which bring to the table-top an extraordinary elegance nearly bordering eccentricity which is typical of the Versace style.
There is a second variation in bright turquoise colour.