Versace Medusa Red Small Plate 10 cm by Rosenthal

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The Versace Medusa porcelain dish is elegantly nested in its gift box.

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Medusa – Ikarus, one of the first tableware collections of “Rosenthal meets Versace”, launched in 1993, reflects the incomparable rich and intense color world of Versace. The collection was designed by Paul Wunderlich, an internationally renowned German lithography and object surrealist artist.

The pulsating brilliance of deep red, the elegance of black and the magnificence of gold: a chromatic spectrum that dominates the Medusa collection. The eye-catching central motif is a glorious gold-tone Medusa head, an unmistakable Versace emblem, framed by swirling, expressive baroque ornaments and elegant oriental circular friezes.

The golden Medusa draws the eye to the center of the plate against a black and red background while recurring neoclassical symbols alternate in geometric circles. The opulent effect will enchant your wedding guests.


  • 10 cm