Versace Les Étoiles de la Mer Vase 34 cm by Rosenthal


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The Versace “Les Étoiles de la Mer” 34 cm Vase comes with a refined gift box.
This fabulous statement piece with its slightly flared design is crafted from the finest Rosenthal porcelain and is adorned with symbols arising from the depths of the sea: shells, starfish, pearls and outstanding coral pieces in delicate shades of pink and green.
The pattern creates the effect of a flamboyant vase within a vase.
The upper rim is contoured by a fine golden frieze reproducing stylized wave movements.
The spectators take a plunge into the tantalizing depths of the Versace Mediterranean sea. read more...

High quality German Rosenthal porcelain welcomes the fantasy sea world depicted by Versace, where shells, sea nymphs, sea snails and corals in brilliant colours rest on the white porcelain bed creating a variety of original patterns.
Once again Versace wishes to recall the magnificent and coloured underwater world off the shores of his beloved Calabria.
A fresh new take on the iconic “Les Trésors de la Mer” dinner set.
The different refined designs and pleasing colour selections – shades of grey and ivory framed by vibrant orange and delicate brushes of pink and pale green – favour a detailed choice so as to better adorn one’s home and render unique all special moments.
The dinner set is also available in a vivid pink.
The story behind is Ulysses’ sea voyage through the straits of Messina, tied to the ship’s mast in order to resist the bewitching singing of the mermaids.
This imaginative dinner service, the epitome of elegance and refinement, was Designed by Paul Wunderlich a German internationally known lithographic and object surrealist artist.
His works are characterised by magic and mysticism and by the use of precious materials such as porcelain.
Wunderlich had been working for Rosenthal since 1978.
Emblematic the gift box which recalls a little treasure box for your precious items.

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