Versace Jungle and Jennifer Lopez

versace jungle jennifer lopez

The famous Versace Jungle print recently celebrated its comeback not only on the Versace runway. But has now also been immortalized as a gift collection on Rosenthal-meets-Versace porcelain.

A nostalgic and current line at the same time. Versace’s fascination with reinventing itself never ceases to amaze its fans, who reward this collection and are eager to have it all for them!

Available only from April until the end of 2020
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Limited Edition 2020

Versace returns among the tropical leaves of the jungle to rediscover the magic collection from 2000 when we have had a great success of this theme trought the clothing collection dedicated to wild and predatory nature. So, in 2020, Versace returns to make us fall in love again with this special and exciting jungle, but this time through its porcelain collection of vases and plates. Versace Jungle is to be discovered.

Versace Jungle gift collection, in fact, are exclusive, opulent and luxurious. These porcelain gifts remember with its decoration of tropical leaves that the beauty of real fashion will never fade.

NEW on the market

With its new gift collection Rosenthal meets Versace brings the iconic palm prints back on stage and pays tribute to the iconic Jungle print which was famously reprised on the Versace Spring-Summer 2020 runway.

An exciting milestone for the Maison founded by Gianni Versace, but it’s back on the catwalk podium thanks to Donatella Versace’s intuition with the Jungle Dress.

Besides the catwalk, the charm of this Jungle collection also comes with the home-decor line. Beautiful vases, plates, candles and ashtrays, the Italian Versace style conquers all the rooms of your home. A new style that everyone will envy you.

versace jungle jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez Jungle Dress

Debuting in the Spring-Summer 2000 Collection, the Jungle print made history when Jennifer Lopez wore a dress boasting the design at the 2000 Grammy Awards. Millions of people took to the internet to see Jennifer in the legendary dress, making it one the most popular search queries for Google at the time – inspiring the creation of Google Images.

Versace Jungle Vase

Versace Jungle vase features the golden Medusa in its bottom that trying to dominate the scene, but comes over-covered by the all-over motif of green leafs on a tropical texture.
This Jungle vase is perfect for your Living. Perhaps it could stay on your favorite table, next to the window overlooking the garden and mingle with it. Also, this vase has a large dimensions, so it is ready to host the most beautiful flowers. But, it is so gorgeous even without any ornament.

This Versace Vase is capable to illuminate the entire room thanks to its brilliance and liveliness of its colors. A tropical green can be succesfully combined with any style of home. In fact, that’s great for breaking the monotony of neutral-colored furnishings. The Jungle theme of the Versace Vase is the king of the jungle … oops, of the house!

Versace Jungle Large Plate

Made of exceptional quality porcelain, Versace plates features a golden Medusa surrounded by an all-over motif of Baroque flowers on a tropical theme. The 33 cm plate gives importance to the diner who will find it as a placeholder. Available in the 18 cm version, it could be the perfect wedding favor that everyone dreams of. It becaome more precious because produced in a limited edition.
The same captivating formula is suited for the 12 cm flat square bowl that become must-have article for your unparalleled and exclusive Living.

Versace Jungle Small Plate

The vividly printed collection is crafted from the finest porcelain and features a service plate, bread plate, tray, vase, scented candle and ashtray. All pieces from this limited collection are enriched with a gold-tone border, Medusa accent and an intricate Barocco design.

A Tropical Leitmotiv that we find in every piece of the collection, but with limited availability.

Versace Jungle Gift Collection

Brightly colored prints, golden borders and the inevitable Medusa, consecrate the Versace collection in the Olympus of the divinities. Available only for 2020, the new Versace home collection celebrates the twentieth anniversary of its presentation at the beginning of the millennium. It will be available only from April to December.

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