Versace 24 pcs Gift Set Greca Cutlery NEW

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Versace Greca Cutlery 24 pieces stainless steel flatware gift set is an excellent combination of sophistication and style, perfectly suitable for everyday use. Gift box included.
For six people 24 pieces stainless steel Versace Greca Cutlery includes:

  • 6 table knives
  • 6 table forks
  • 6 table spoons
  • 6 coffee and tea spoons

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The Versace Greca Cutlery is a timeless flatware, guaranteed by quality and tradition of Rosenthal Versace. It becomes a perfect addition to Versace flatware collection with its sophisticated and contemporary touch at the same time. The stainless steel handles of the finely made spoons, forks and knives are decorated with famous greek key and the iconic Medusa is engraved in the center of it. It’s easy to take care of and can be easily used in everyday life.