Venini Veronese Ox Blood Red Vase NEW Numbered Edition


Numbered Edition for Year.

Venini Veronese Ox Blood Red Vase NEW Numbered Edition in mouth-blown Murano glass is an absolute Venini Novelty of 2021. It is executed with the “soffiato” technique in new ox blood red colour glass with a sphere in powder pink that adorns the footed base. Gift box included.
Size: Ø 20 cm, H 32 cm (7.8″D – 12.48″H)

This splendid hand-crafted Venini Veronese vase  was designed in 1921 by Vittorio Zecchin, the artistic director of Venini from 1921 to 1925.

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The “Veronese” vases from Venini are a design by the artist Vittorio Zecchin from 1921. The artist, who was Venini’s art director from 1921 to 1925, took his inspiration from a painting by Paolo Veronese, finished in 1580, which is today kept at the Accademia Galleries in Venice: “The Annunciation of the Virgin”.  The glass work was so successful, that it became the firm’s logo.