Venini Incisi Vase 722.12 limited edition

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Venini “Incisi” marine blue Murano glass Vase, limited edition, gift-wrapped.
Ø 11 H 32,5 cm ( 4,33” – 12,79”)
Limited edition 19 pieces.

“Incisi” mouth-blown Murano glass in marine blue, produced by Venini. Design Paolo Venini.

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“Incisi” pieces are finished using the complex and refined technique of cold engraving to add character to glass surfaces in delicate composite colours. Design Paolo Venini. read more...

The name “Incisi” derives from the most renowned and difficult coldworking techniques of the master Venetian glassmakers. The product is a combination of expert kiln work and exceptionally delicate cold work by Venini’s master glass workers. Venini began making glass using these techniques around 1930. In battuto glass, shallow irregular cavities are milled “molato” on the surface of the glass. So, they obtain a beaten “battuto” effect. Inciso is performed using a hard milling tool on the cold surface of the piece.

Founded in 1920 on the famed Venetian island of Murano, Italy, Venini Glassworks honors the uncompromising nature of its master craftsmen. They tirelessly seeking new, rich colors and textures that move the art form beyond its traditional limitations and make it truly contemporary. Venini offers a collection of art glass and lighting that is as daring as it is exquisite.