Venini Christmas Tree Decoration Red with Gold Leaf


Venini Balloton Santa Christmas Tree Decoration Red with Gold leaf. Gift box included.

1 pc – Ø 10 cm (3,93”) – Kg. 0,15

Handmade in Italy of red mouth-blown Murano glass with gold leaf, Venini’s Balloton Christmas tree decoration features a graduated diamond-pattern. Handmade.

Signed at base. Murano glass. Wipe clean with soft dry cloth.

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Sales Manager

Sales Manager

199.05 RG ,

Blown handmade Murano glass, realized with the traditional tecnique called “Balloton”, with a glass thread, applied when hot, on the upper part of the object.
Venini is one of the major realities concerning research in glass and it is considered a landmark in the world of art.