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Tatiana Fedorovna Fabergé, the daughter of Theodore Carl Fabergé descendent of Peter Carl Fabergé, was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1930 and studied jewellery design in Paris. After completing her studies she assisted her father in the sketching and launching of jewellery and other fine objects which were produced under the trademark ”FABERGÉ PARIS”. This successful family collaboration lasted until Théodore’s death in 1971. In 1974 she founded “Maison Tatiana Fabergé”. In 2007 Tatiana Fabergé together with her cousin Sarah Fabergé joined the Pallinghurst group Fabergé Ltd. as specialist on Fabergé style and history. The Pallinghurst Group acquired the brand name Fabergé in January 2007. Tatiana and Sarah hence fulfilled their life ambition to restore the unsurpassed standards of design and workmanship that had characterized their great-grandfather’s treasures.

Since then Tatiana has been researching the family history and promoting its heritage and her publications and books on Carl Fabergé are considered the most reliable source of knowledge on the greatest jewellery family in the world and their alluring collaboration with the Russian Tsars.

The timeless Maison Tatiana Fabergé designs are worn today by women of all ages around the world and the commitment is to develop the firm internationally in the respect for traditions inspired by the ”Great Carl Fabergé” and his sense of entrepreneurship.

Alexandra Jewels

The Alexandra Collection, with its three different sublime jeweled designs, is a showcase of detailed handmade precision. The burnished silver and rose gold threads, encrusted with sparkling cubic zircons, enshroud with swirling and geometric designs the soft brightness of the white agate and the tantalizing depth of the black onyx stone centre pieces. The refined style of the jeweled pendants, earing and rings of the collection adorn the beauty of any woman adding a true touch of elegance and offer a unique pleasure which stems from wearing works of art of timeless artistic value and outstanding past reputation. The jeweled items recall the Russian goldsmith tradition and the shape of the famous Fabergé eggs.

Anastasija Jewels

The entire “Anastasia” collection is handmade in 925 gold or rhodium plated sterling silver. The fired enamels with their smooth or honeycomb finish are encrusted with natural zircons. The pendants blend perfectly the past and the present, the prestige of the cherished Fabergé tradition and the glamour of new trends. The sophisticated egg shaped pendants offer an array of rich and intense enamelled colours ranging from royal blue and red, to deep purple, charcoal black, pearl white, turquoise blue and emerald green. The surface of each jewelled splendour is laced by golden and silver threads which trace geometric, weaving and arabesque patterns enriched by single or starbursts of zircons.

N°9 Collection

The necklace pendants of the N 9 Collection are the true expression of an explosion of brilliance, conceived to add the stunning magic touch to all women wearing their evening attire. In accordance with the Fabergé artistry the miniature egg pendants, crafted in 18ct gold or sterling silver, are sumptuously encrusted with natural zircons.
The pendants come with exquisite chains which reproduce the same weaving streams of golden and silver bead settings which delicately hem in the sparkling zircons. Each model is available in three different sizes ranging from the minimalistic to the more important. In keeping with the fondness for surprise some of the egg pendants are lockets that conceal a hidden delight for those who receive it as a gift.

Romanov Edition

The Maison Tatiana Fabergè dedicates a fascinating jewellery collection to the much celebrated and romanticized Romanov family. The Romanov jewellery edition, made of sterling silver and coloured enamels, can conceal a hiding space for a special secret. The opening of the locket will reveal a space for a love note or a personalized message on parchment. The pendant opens and closes with an exquisite small sterling silver key attached to the necklace. A beautiful gift for a loved woman, full of mystery and meaning.

Peter Carl Fabergé

The collection Peter Carl reinterprets “The original designs” based on the rich and thrilling tradition of the brand and family. The iconic and historical themes, the creativity and craftsmanship of the master goldsmith Peter Carl Fabergé are present in each of the jewelled eggs crafted with the highest level of details and quality. Tantalizing coloured enamels blend with zircon richly encrusted designs in the hand made 925 gold or rhodium plated silver sterling.

Emperor Collection

The Emperor Collection is the perfect union between the classic of the ancient times and the charm of modern influences. The jewelled egg pendants, in perfect compliance with the Fabergé artistic tradition, are marked by stylish elements where the smallest details are taken care of. Tantalizing coloured enamels blend with zircon richly encrusted designs in the hand made 925 silver sterling egg pendants which recall the iconic Easter surprises created during the tsar Empire.

Olga Jewels

The collection dedicated to the eldest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II embodies the same cheerfulness and light heartedness of the young princess. The selection of earrings, pendants and rings with their refined yet simple lines are entirely handmade in 925 sterling silver enriched by hard stones and natural zircons. The delicate brilliance of the multi coloured stones in shades of violet, green and opaline grey bond delightfully with the delicate slim silver setting which softly rests upon the décolleté of the fortunate damsel who will have the pleasure of wearing it.

Treasure Mountain

The necklaces and bracelets of this collection, made of semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls and gold filled 925 sterling silver, are conceived to accompany the world famous design eggs or to be showcased in splendid solitude. The basic principle is flexibility. The wearer can change the appearance of the necklace by removing the pendant or replacing it with one of a different design. The unique artistic endeavour gives life to contemporary and classic designs. A stylish combination of multi-coloured precious elements like onyx, lapis, turquoise, amethyst and coral embellishing gold filled chains, a selection of braided or snake patterned leather bracelets with magnetic locks and contemporary design chains and bracelets add a fresh and young touch to this collection The name itself derives from the pristine nature of the region located on the western slope of the Middle Urals considered the treasure trove of these precious minerals.

Anna Karenina Diamond Collection

Anna Karenina is a famous novel written by Lev Tolstoj at the end of the 19th century. The novel is about a tragic love story between a married woman and a young military of cer named Vronsky.
As the impossible love of the novel, the jewels of Anna Karenina collection combine materials extremely different from each another, but perfect in their whole. Opals, Lapis lazuli, turquoise, gold and diamonds are worked together to create timeless elegant jewels.
Tatiana Faberge 18 kt yellow gold Anna Karenina collection egg shaped pendant with diamond accents on a 24 inch light blue colored leather cord.

Elizaveta Diamond Collection

The collection Elisaveta is made of 18kt gold and diamonds. Elizaveta of Russia was crowned Empress of Russia in 1742, and remained on the throne for over 20 years. Testimonies describe her as a beautiful and pleasant woman, but her charm and gentle character did not hide her innate intelligence and ambition. Like Elizaveta of Russia who inspired this gorgeous collection, this range of jewellery expresses beauty and vivacity whilst maintaining a regal and elegant design.

Anna P Diamond Collection

The most famous ballerina of her time, Anna Pavlova was born in St. Petersburg in 1881. She entered into the “Imperial Corps de Ballet” in 1899 and became first ballerina in 1906. Anna enchanted the world with her skill and sinuousness, but like Tatiana Fabergé in jewelery, Anna will be remembered as innovative and visionary for the era.
A simple and complex concept at the same time, at the base of the Anna collection. A stone enclosed in another, but free to shine independently. The perfect formula of each bond.

Empress Maria

Empress Maria collection expresses the timeless charm and refinement, the natural continuation of a tradition that since 1885, embellishes women worldwide, with style and elegance. Maria Feodorovna, born princess of Denmark Maria Dagmar became Empress of Russia as spouse of Emperor Alexander III.

Matilda Diamond Collection

The Matilda Collection is made of gold, diamonds and pearls, like its muse it is a perfect mix of passion. Matilda Feliksovna Kshesinskaya had the art of ballet dancing in her veins. Born into an artistic family, she soon became a famous ballet dance throughout the Roman empire, where her grace, talent and beauty soon took her to the Emperor’s court and into the arms of the heir to the throne, Nicholas II.

Natalija Diamond Collection

Natalija is 18 carat rose gold collection with diamonds and mother of pearls. Figurative jewellery in high craftmanship and quality.
Natalija Rostova is one of the main characters of novel War and Peace. The novel is set in Russia, at the times of political conflicts and great social reforms, and tells about a teenager who grows and matures into a strong and aware woman within this difficult context.
The novelist uses her character to highlight the beauty present within human beings. Natalija is indeed fascinating both in the body and in the soul.
Just the way human beings evolve and change during the different phases of their life, the Natalija collection features a combination of gold and precious stones whose shades of colour vary according to the different perspectives.

Tamara Jewels

Tamara Platonovna Karsavina was a Russian prima ballerina.
The style of movements of Tamara Karsavina was unique, a sublime combination of purity and elegance just like the egg pendants dedicated to her in this collection. The designs, in gold plated 925 silver sterling and the striking enamelled colourings, feature a spray of wild flowers with petals of tinted violet, blue, rose and green arranged around shimmering zircon centres which adds a fresh and young touch to the collection.

Hermitage Crystal

Discover Hermitage, collection developed in the respect of tradition and devotion of the ”Great Carl Fabergé” and his sense of entrepreneurship.