Treasure Mountain

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Treasure Mountain

The necklaces and bracelets of Treasure Mountain collection, made of semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls and gold filled 925 sterling silver, are conceived to accompany the world famous design eggs or to be showcased in splendid solitude. read more...

The basic principle is flexibility. The wearer can change the appearance of the necklace by removing the pendant or replacing it with one of a different design.

The unique artistic endeavour gives life to contemporary and classic designs. A stylish combination of multi-coloured precious elements like onyx, lapis, turquoise, amethyst and coral embellishing gold filled chains, a selection of braided or snake patterned leather bracelets with magnetic locks and contemporary design chains and bracelets add a fresh and young touch to this collection. The name itself derives from the pristine nature of the region located on the western slope of the Middle Urals considered the treasure trove of these precious minerals.

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