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Tsars Collection Jewellery
“Fascinating world where the history of jewellery is also its own future”
Tatiana Fedorovna Fabergé, the daughter of Theodore Carl Fabergé descendent of Peter Carl Fabergé, was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1930 and studied jewellery design in Paris. read more...

After completing her studies she assisted her father in the sketching and launching of jewellery and other fine objects which were produced under the trademark ”FABERGÉ PARIS”. This successful family collaboration lasted until Théodore’s death in 1971. In 1974 she founded “Maison Tatiana Fabergé”. In 2007 Tatiana Fabergè together with her cousin Sarah Fabergé joined the Pallinghurst group Fabergé Ltd. as specialist on Fabergé style and history. The Pallinghurst Group acquired the brand name Fabergé in January 2007. Tatiana and Sarah hence fulfilled their life ambition to restore the unsurpassed standards of design and workmanship that had characterized their great-grandfather’s treasures.

Since then Tatiana has been researching the family history and promoting its heritage and her publications and books on Carl Fabergé are considered the most reliable source of knowledge on the greatest jewellery family in the world and their alluring collaboration with the Russian Tsars.

The timeless Tsars Collection by Tatiana Fabergé SA designs are worn today by women of all ages around the world and the commitment is to develop the firm internationally in the respect for traditions inspired by the ”Great Carl Fabergé” and his sense of entrepreneurship. Tatiana Fabergé SA of Geneva is proud to expose its Saint Petersburg Tsars Collection and accompany you towards the fascinating world where the history of jewelry is also its own future.

tatiana faberge rose gold jewellery flower pendant

Tamara Jewels by Tatiana Fabergé

Tamara Jewels by Tatiana Fabergé Tamara Platonovna Karsavina was a Russian prima ballerina and a reigning goddess of the Imperial Russian Ballet and later of the Ballets Russes of Serge Diaghilev. During her long career she danced the leading part in the most significant opera plays of that period. Ballerinas were usually considered to be [...]
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Romanov Edition Jewels

Tatiana Fabergé Necklace Egg Locket The Maison Tatiana Fabergé dedicates a fascinating jewellery collection to the much celebrated and romanticized Romanov family. The Romanov jewellery edition, made of sterling silver and coloured enamels, can conceal a hiding space for a special secret. The opening of the locket will reveal a space for a love note [...]
tatiana faberge sterling silver jewellery egg pendants

Peter Carl Egg Pendants

Peter Carl Jewellery The collection reinterprets “The original designs” based on the rich and thrilling tradition of the brand and family. The iconic and historical themes, the creativity and craftsmanship of the master goldsmith Peter Carl Fabergé are present in each of the jewelled eggs crafted with the highest level of details and quality. Tantalizing [...]
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Olga Jewels by Tatiana Fabergé

Olga Collection The collection dedicated to the eldest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II embodies the same cheerfulness and light heartedness of the young princess. The selection of earrings, pendants and rings with their refined yet simple lines are entirely handmade in 925 sterling silver enriched by hard stones and natural zircons. The delicate brilliance of [...]
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Natalija Diamond Jewel Collection

Natalija Diamond Jewel Collection Natalija is 18 carat rose gold collection with diamonds and mother of pearls. Figurative jewellery in high craftmanship and quality. Countess Natalija Rostova is a central fictional character of the novel War and Peace. The story, set in Russia against a background of political unrests and social reforms, narrates of a [...]
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N°9 Collection Sparkling Jewels

N°9 Collection The necklace pendants of the N°9 Collection are the true expression of an explosion of brilliance, conceived to add the stunning magic touch to all women wearing their evening attire. In accordance with the Fabergé artistry the miniature egg pendants, crafted in 18ct gold or sterling silver, are sumptuously encrusted with natural zircons. [...]
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Hermitage Crystal by Tatiana Fabergé

Hermitage Crystal Collection Maison Tatiana Fabergé chooses crystal for its light reflecting qualities and creates this colourful handblown and handcrafted collection. Vases, stemware, centrepieces, pedestal bowls and majestic eggs give life to an alluring array of colours and shapes ideal for display or every day use. Each item results a beautiful object to give or [...]
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Emperor Egg Pendants

Emperor Collection by Tatiana Fabergè The Emperor Collection is the perfect union between the classic of the ancient times and the charm of modern influences. The jewelled egg pendants, in perfect compliance with the Fabergé artistic tradition, are marked by stylish elements where the smallest details are taken care of. Tantalizing coloured enamels blend with [...]