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Stella Saint Louis

Shop online for luxury french stemware, explore the timeless collection Stella Saint Louis! The clean lines and crisp faceting, softened by subtle curves and oval cuts, of the Stella collection give an air that is both modern and delicate to the balanced silhouettes.

The unique cut of the glass fans out from the base of the glass and is brought out to maximum effect as it refracts the light into a thousand rays evoking angular shapes and nocturnal sparkling of stars. Hence this series, made using traditional mouth-blowing and hand-cutting techniques in the renowned French crystal glassworks of Saint-Louis, really does justice to its name “Stella”, the Latin word for a star.

The collection comprises crystal barware and stemware but also bowls, vases and cetre-pieces which open up wide highlighting the diamond cuts. The “Stella” vase by Saint-Louis is an impressive masterpiece standing 32 centimetres tall, just like the “Stella” centerpiece with its 39 centimetres diameter. The series can also display gold or platinum refinements to embellish the transparent crystal glass. The gleaming gold or silver band border the foot and rim of the glasses with arabesque motifs. A glittering delight to treat your guests with.

About Saint Louis: The Compagnie des Cristalleries de Saint Louis is a corporation, founded in 1767 in Saint-Louis-lès-Bitche in Lorraine. It is the oldest glass manufacturer in France with roots dating back to 1586 and the first crystal glass manufacturer in continental Europe (1781)