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  • Venini

    Venini Bauta Vase limited edition black


    Venini “Bauta” in blown handmade glass. Limited edition Murano vase, gift-wrapped.
    h 30 cm, l 21 cm L 30 cm, design Gaetano Pesce 2013

    Limited edition only 29 artpieces.

  • Venini

    Venini Incisi Vase 722.02 limited edition


    Venini “Incisi” blue see color, limited edition Murano vase, gift-wrapped.
    Ø 20 H 32 cm ( 7,87” – 12,59”)
    Limited edition 19 pieces.

    “Incisi” mouth-blown Murano glass, blue see color, produced by Venini. Design Paolo Venini.

  • Venini

    Venini Murrine Ravenna Vase limited edition


    Venini Ravenna white/red/amber/acquamarine Murano Glass blown Vase, gift-wrapped.
    1 pc – 26 cm, Ø 14 cm, design 2015, limited edition.

    RAVENNA Murrine glass vase, designed and manufactured by Venini, was originally designed for the Ravenna city festival in 2015. Limited edition of 49 art pieces (Arabic numbers) and an additional 49 art pieces (Roman numerals).

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