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shop online the best italian and international luxury lamps! Italy is one of the global centres of lamp design, constantly in development both in terms of design and of technology. read more...

One thing that characterises lamps from Italy is the fact that they’ve been designed and crafted down to the smallest detail – from the cable to the socket to the form of the lamp itself. And all of the careful design serves the single purpose of providing amazing light.

Italian luxury lamps have so much to offer in the form of shape, quality and design at the highest level. They can make every home more distinctive and special. It’s clear to see that each and every detail is carefully considered – nothing is left to chance.

We have also a huge selection of beautiful and richly detailed international luxury brands such as Saint Louis, Baccarat and Lladrò. From Italian brands we deal Foscarini, Penta Light, Luceplan and Artemide.

All these lamps exude exclusivity, inventiveness and high quality. Some lamps are minimalist and chic, while others are lavish, luxurious and provocative. We’ve gathered all of our lighting brands right here, and there are lots of different and exciting models to choose from – enjoy exploring the fabulous universe of luxury lamps.

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  • Saint Louis

    Saint Louis Folia portable lamp wood clear ash clear crystal

    $ 2.147,87
    8% OFF with the coupon code FOLIA8
    Free Worldwide Delivery

    This splendid new Saint Louis Folia portable lamp is made of crystal, clear ash and brushed brass. It can be used as a table lamp, desk lamp, for the terrace or the boat and fits in all styles of decoration thanks to its contemporary design. The crystal, cut with bevels arranged in staggered rows creates a surprising geometric pattern, multiplied by the light.
    Folia handheld flashlight is a self-contained, mobile, wireless LED light that can be used indoors and outdoors. It is rechargeable and has an autonomy of up to 25 hours when used at low intensity.

    Dimensions: L 15.4cm x H 29.0cm x P 15.4cm

  • Artemide

    Artemide Cabildo Floor Floor Lamp Led

    $ 1.116,89

    IP 20
    2700K, 44W, 2641lm, CRI=90
    Energy Label (1): A++ → A

  • Artemide

    Artemide Discovery Suspension Lamp

    $ 1.601,70

    Satin aluminum, Push & Artemide APP

  • Foscarini

    Foscarini Kurage Table Lamp

    $ 740,10

    Kurage Table Lamp by Foscarini
    Material: Washi paper and ashwood
    Light Source: LED retrofit, Fluo 1x 12W E27

    Kurage is a table lamp made of washi paper, meticulously hand-made by Japanese craftsmen, on slender ash-wood legs, and it is the result of the pursuit of lightness in light, the core concept for every element in the design.

  • Foscarini

    Foscarini Behive Table Lamp

    $ 640,68

    Behive Table Lamp by Foscarini
    Material: Batch-dyed ABS, polycarbonate and varnished metal

    Light is the decoration in the Behive table lamp: it defines its body and traces its graphics, animating it and bringing it to life. When it is switched off, it resembles a stylish modern sculpture, yet when it is switched on, it produces a magical luminous atmosphere.

  • Foscarini

    Foscarini Cri Cri Outdoor Green Lamp

    $ 488,49

    Foscarini Cri Cri Outdoor Green Lamp
    Silicone, ABS and PMMA
    Light Source
    LED 2,4W Dimmable
    A day trip to the country. Chirping cicadas. A picnic – a chequered tablecloth on the grass. This is the festive, relaxed atmosphere summoned up by Cri Cri: a wireless lamp with an internal rechargeable battery, to hang up or set down anywhere – outdoors or indoors.