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  • Versace

    Versace Les Trésors de la Mer Vase 34 cm by Rosenthal

    $ 695,28

    Versace “Tresors de la Mer” 34 cm Vase is nested in a refined gift box.

    The elongated flared Vase features a magnificent pattern with two golden nereids crowned by a fantasy of shells and corals in strong colours and strings of white pearls.
    The elegant bright turquoise silhouette, with its flamboyant centre piece, is enriched by the golden ribbons of stylized waves which border the upper rim and lower base.
    Your guests will take a plunge into the Versace’s Mediterranean sea. read more...

    The cooperation between the German porcelain Rosenthal firm and Versace, started in 1993, and gave birth to the fascinating collection Les Trésors de la Mer.
    The Italian gifted designer immortalized the rich sea treasures of the god Neptune and of his tantalizing Calabrian Mediterranean marine world – shellfish, pearls, star fish and corals – in a turquoise sea among golden statues, baroque volutes, and frieze ornaments.
    The story behind is Ulysses’ sea voyage through the straits of Messina, tied to the ship’s mast in order to resist the bewitching singing of the mermaids.
    This collection is ideal for those who love luxury and want something slightly out of the common with a touch of the magic allure of bygone days.
    A palette of delicate shades of colour gives life to items of great taste which will enchant your guests and trigger new life in the exclusive world of designs.
    This imaginative dinner service, the epitome of elegance and refinement, was Designed by Paul Wunderlich a German internationally known lithographic and object surrealist artist.
    His works are characterised by magic and mysticism and by the use of precious materials such as porcelain.
    Wunderlich had been working for Rosenthal since 1978.
    Emblematic the gift box which recalls a little treasure box for your precious items.

  • Tatiana Fabergè

    Tatiana Fabergé Romanov edition Necklace light blue Egg Locket 4RLB

    $ 319,26

    Tatiana Fabergé Romanov Edition light blue Egg Locket sterling silver rose gold plated necklace. Gift box included.
    Chain length 45 cm

    In keeping with the fondness for surprise the locket conceals a hidden delight for those who receive it as a gift.

    The Romanov jewellery edition, made of sterling silver and coloured enamels, can conceal a hiding space for a special secret. The opening of the locket will reveal a space for a love note or a personalized message on parchment. The pendant opens and closes with an exquisite small sterling silver key attached to the necklace. A beautiful gift for a loved woman, full of mystery and meaning.

  • Baccarat

    Baccarat Cat Maneki Neko 2020 Limited Edition

    $ 467,07
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    Limited Edition 3000 Copies  New Baccarat Cat Maneki Neko 2020 – Available on pre-order; Available beginning of October Revisited by Jaime Hayon, the little feline is adorned with original patterns in the shape of a mouth, an eye, diamonds, arabesques, stars and traces of paws : the ears, the eyes, the mouth and the whiskers of the animal are underlined with a gold thread applied by hand by the gilders of the manufacture. In a final touch of humor signed Jaime Hayon, the cat begins to stick out its tongue with mischief: luck and joy together in one object !

    • Maneki Neko cat signed Baccarat and Jaime Hayon
    • 60 golden drawings applied by hand by Baccarat gilders
    • Numbered and limited edition of 3000 pieces
    • Height : 10 cm Length : 6 cm Width : 6 cm
  • Baccarat

    Baccarat Zoo Monkey Sculpture

    $ 934,14 $ 915,45

    Baccarat Zoo Monkey Sculpture. Gift box included.
    Height 7.8 in
    Numbered Edition
    Designer JAIME HAYON

  • Baccarat

    Baccarat Red Cupid Heart

    $ 277,88

    Baccarat Red Cupid Heart. Gift box included.

  • Baccarat

    Baccarat Angel with heart Figurine

    $ 319,26

    Baccarat Angel with heart Figurine. Gift box included.

    This cherub with carefully contoured wings is made from the finest Baccarat Clear crystal.

  • Lalique

    Lalique Onyx Hirondelles Necklace

    $ 650,35

    Hirondelles necklace with clear crystals, Onyx pearls and black crystal pearls, in silver.

    6 clear crystals: 9.9 grams
    Black onix pearls
    Motif length: 4 cm
    Sterling silver, average weight: 8 grams
    Length: 70 cm

  • Lalique

    Lalique Arethuse Pendant

    $ 260,14

    Pendant in vermeil, motif in clear crystal, turquoise and coral lacquer.

    Clear Crystal: 1.6 gram
    Lacquer: 0.8 gram
    Motif length: 2.2 cm
    Vermeil: 8 grams
    Black cord 85 cm (adjustable)

  • Lalique

    Lalique Arethuse Earrings Onyx

    $ 260,14

    Clear Crystal, Onyx Silver, Pin Clasp System
    2 Clear Crystals: 6.6 grams
    4 Onyx beads: 3.0 grams
    Lacquer <0.1 grams
    Silver: 9 grams
    Total length: 5 cm

  • Tatiana Fabergè

    Tatiana Fabergé Elizaveta gold necklace with diamond egg pendant ELP02

    $ 1.891,92 $ 1.778,41

    Tatiana Faberge Elizaveta collection 18 kt gold egg shaped pendant and diamonds on a gold necklace. Gift box included.
    Gold: 18 kt, 4.80 g + 18 kt 1.56 g
    Diamonds: 11 rd – 0.11 ct

  • Tatiana Fabergè

    Tatiana Fabergé Matilda gold necklace with diamond egg pendant MP3212

    $ 4.138,58 $ 3.890,27

    Tatiana Faberge Matilda collection 18 kt gold egg shaped pendant and diamonds on a gold necklace. Gift box included.
    Gold: 18 kt 6.14 g
    Diamonds: 1.66 ct

  • Tatiana Fabergè

    Tatiana Fabergé Anna P gold necklace with diamond egg pendant P01R

    $ 1.064,21 $ 1.000,35

    Tatiana Faberge Anna Pavlova collection 18 kt gold egg shaped pendant with rock crystal and diamonds on a gold necklace. Gift box included.
    Pendant size of 10 mm.
    Gold: 18 kt, 2.10 g
    Diamonds: 0.05 ct