Pininfarina Paradise Exclusive 700th Anniversary Ethergraf


An exclusive edition celebrates the 700th anniversary of the death of one of the biggest author of world literature, with an incomparable iconographic success. Probably no one in history has been portrayed in the same way as Dante Alighieri, whose features make him unmistakable despite the different representations that history has left us.

Silverpoint’s modern heir, an innovative metal alloy that “scratches” common paper and oxidizes it, leaving a light and romantic mark like graphite, but precise like ink.

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Cambiano Paradise 700th edition

The place where penitent souls arrive at the end of the path of expiation of sins. Eden is represented as a divine forest, thick and alive, in which blows a light breeze produced by the rotation of celestial spheres. The precious base in solid cedar wood by Pininfarina Cambiano is enriched by Gustave Doré’s illustration of this space.

The technique is unique by itself: the pen has a precise stroke like a pencil, an elegant design and it is distinct by the innovation that only Pininfarina gives to its products. The special Ethergraf tip, a patented metal alloy, allows the pen to write infinitely, with no ink and no refill. The mark left is very particular, it seems like a pencil but it cannot be erased like a pen and is smudge-free, this makes this pen unique in the world.

Tecnical specifications:

  • Body material Aluminium body with cedar inserts
  • Basement material Solid walnut case with display function
  • Tip Ethergraf® metal alloy
  • Length 16cm
  • Diameter 1cm
  • Weight 39gr