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  • Rosenthal Versace

    Versace Les Trésors de la Mer Vase 18 cm by Rosenthal

    222,00 210,90

    Versace “Tresors de la Mer” 18 cm Vase is nested in a refined gift box.

    The Vase features a magnificent pattern with a golden mythical head crowned by a fantasy of shells and corals in bright colours and strings of white pearls.
    The elegant bright turquoise silhouette, with its flamboyant centre piece, is enriched by the golden ribbons of stylized waves which border the upper rim and lower base.
    Your guests will take a plunge into the Versace’s Mediterranean sea. read more...

    The cooperation between the German porcelain Rosenthal firm and Versace, started in 1993, and gave birth to the fascinating collection Les Trésors de la Mer.
    The Italian gifted designer immortalized the rich sea treasures of the god Neptune and of his tantalizing Calabrian Mediterranean marine world – shellfish, pearls, star fish and corals – in a turquoise sea among golden statues, baroque volutes, and frieze ornaments.
    The story behind is Ulysses’ sea voyage through the straits of Messina, tied to the ship’s mast in order to resist the bewitching singing of the mermaids.
    This collection is ideal for those who love luxury and want something slightly out of the common with a touch of the magic allure of bygone days.
    A palette of delicate shades of colour gives life to items of great taste which will enchant your guests and trigger new life in the exclusive world of designs.
    This imaginative dinner service, the epitome of elegance and refinement, was Designed by Paul Wunderlich a German internationally known lithographic and object surrealist artist.
    His works are characterised by magic and mysticism and by the use of precious materials such as porcelain.
    Wunderlich had been working for Rosenthal since 1978.
    Emblematic the gift box which recalls a little treasure box for your precious items.
  • Venini

    Venini Veronese aquamarine

    1.650,00 1.250,00

    Venini Veronese Vase in mouth-blown and hand-crafted aquamarine Murano glass, gift-wrapped.
    1 pc – Ø 20 cm, h 32 cm (7.8″D – 12.48″H)

    This gorgeous aquamarine vase or decorative object from Venini is sure to bring flair to any setting or side table. This piece is limited edition.
    Handmade. Signed at base. Murano glass. Wipe clean with soft dry cloth. Made in Italy.

    The “Veronese” vases from Venini are a design by the artist Vittorio Zecchin from 1921. The artist, who was Venini’s art director from 1921 to 1925, took inspiration from a painting by Paolo Veronese, finished in 1580, which is today kept at the Accademia Galleries in Venice: “The Annunciation”. The glass work was so successful, that it became the firm’s logo.

  • Rosenthal Versace

    Versace Arabesque Crystal Round Dish 36 cm by Rosenthal

    160,00 130,00

    The Versace “Arabesque” crystal dish comes nested in its refined gift box.

    The dish is a wonderful centre piece which will enrich any table-top.
    The article features a unique style, a blissful combination of engraved elegance and light-heartedness which expresses the joy of life.
    The Greek key designs contour artistically the crystal border and encase the delicate central flowing foliate patterns, with the effect of playful transparencies. read more...

    This glamorous Oriental glassware design harmoniously interplays with opulent and refined transparencies featuring magnificent and impressive branches of acanthus leaves topped by Greek freezes.
    The crystal collection, a true expression of the pure love of life, includes giftware in the form of vases, coasters and square dishes and bowls to simply display or use with their soft lines and full bodies.
    The crystal range complements classically decorated and contemporary styled homes and ideally combines with tableware from the Arabesque Gold ranges and the Arabesque amber or crystal clear wine glass collections.
    Often seen in stately homes and present at formal occasions such as grand balls, galas and dinner parties, the crystal glassware has become heavily associated with grandeur and elegance and never disappoints.
    The dazzling lights which reflect in the crystal will overwhelm your homes with magnificent luxury.
  • Venini

    Venini Porpora Chandelier in hand-made blown glass


    Venini Porpora transparent hand-made blown Murano Glass Chandelier.

    Handmade in Italy of mouth-blown Murano glass, Venini’s PORPORA chandelier, designed and manufactured by Venini, is available in 3 different versions with up to 12 arms. Originally designed in 1924.
    Wipe clean with soft dry cloth.

  • Christofle

    Christofle Mood 24-Piece Flatware Set with Party Tray

    2.100,00 1.750,00

    Christofle Mood 24-Piece Silver Plated Flatware Set with Storage Capsule – For Six People with Stainless Steel Party Tray. Gift box included.

    The MOOD party combination features the 24-Piece Silver Plated Flatware Set in its egg shaped shell, combined with the lates addition to the Christofle family, the MOOD Party Tray that, with its center space, fits perfectly the MOOD Flatware set.
    MOOD Party by Christofle, with its avant-garde vision of convenience and comfort, invites itself to all tables as a promise of sharing and memories.

  • Rosenthal Versace

    Versace Le Jardin de Versace Vase 34 cm by Rosenthal

    548,00 430,00

    The Versace “Le Jardin de Versace” 34 cm Vase comes in a refined gift box.

    Gianni Versace’s enchanting butterfly garden is a decoration as bright and colourful as a sunny day in spring.
    Exotic butterflies flutter between golden tendrils and delicate blossoms against a sky blue background.
    The flared vase with its golden Greek key bordering the upper rim creates a true spring symphony that playfully echoes in your home. read more...

    Gianni Versace’s artistic influence in the world of fashion was virtually unparalleled.
    His legacy can now be experienced also in home decòr owing to its marriage with Rosenthal high quality porcelain.
    Versace by Rosenthal is an extraordinary collection resulting in high quality tableware and giftware in contemporary designs.
    Le Jardin de Versace is an enchanting fairy tale garden, a romantic porcelain dream in soft pastel shades and an opulent diversity of blossoms, berries, ladybirds and butterflies that delicately rest on the golden intertwined branches.
    Recollection of the sumptuous gardens in Louis XVI style, the delicate turquoise and deep red, lots of gold, different shades of blue and green all lend the pattern a lightness of being that evokes springtime joyful feelings perfectly.
    The ornaments hand painted with fine golden accents combine to playfully symbolize a perfect summer symphony and create a perfect harmony that has the power to enchant.
    Each collection piece has its own individual character.
    There are plates where the butterfly dominates at the centre of a golden twine resting on a pastel shade pink; there are also smaller plates, ideal as wedding favours, where the golden branches border giving greater emphasis to the coloured butterflies which flutter over the sky blue centre.
  • Fabergé

    Tatiana Fabergé Elizaveta gold necklace with diamond egg pendant ELP03

    1.660,00 1.350,00

    Tatiana Faberge Elizaveta collection 18 kt gold egg shaped pendant and diamonds on a gold necklace. Gift box included.
    Gold: 18 kt, 5.20 g + 18 kt 1.56 g
    Diamonds: 14 rd – 0.12 ct

  • Rosenthal Versace

    Versace Medusa Vase 34 cm by Rosenthal

    548,00 415,00

    The Versace “Medusa” 34 cm Vase is elegantly nested in its gift box.

    The central eye-catching motif is a glorious gold coloured head of Medusa, an unmistakably Versace emblem, framed by expressive and swirling baroque ornaments and elegant circular oriental friezes.
    Veracious aristocratic colours, bright red, precious gold and black give the head of Medusa a colourful elegant framework.
    The dramatic effect contained by the refined borders along the flared vase’s rim and bottom will enchant your guests. read more...

    Medusa – Ikarus, one of the first dinnerware collections of “Rosenthal meets Versace”, launched in 1993, mirrors the matchless rich, colour intensive world of Versace.
    The emblematic Versace pattern featuring the glorious gold coloured central Medusa head has a new contemporary look.
    The new form lends excitement to this classic pattern.
    Beautiful detail and vibrant colour of the expressive baroque ornaments make this a true must have.
    The pulsating brilliance of the deep red, the elegance of the black and the magnificence of the gold: a colour spectrum which dominates the Medusa collection.
    The collection was Designed by Paul Wunderlich a German internationally known lithographic and object surrealist artist.
    His works are characterised by magic and mysticism and by the use of precious materials such as porcelain.
    Wunderlich had been working for Rosenthal since 1978.
    According to ancient myths Medusa was one of the three Gorgons which in Greek mythology were sea monsters with gold wings, snakes for hair, and turned anyone who looked directly at them to stone.
    The three sisters represented perversion in its three individual forms: intellectual, sexual and moral.
    Medusa’s snake hair locks were a punishment from Athena.
    The once extremely beautiful mortal was punished by Athena with a hideous appearance and loathsome snakes for having been raped in Athena’s temple by Poseidon.
    Gianni Versace chose this Greek mythological figure as his luxurious logo because she made people fall in love with her and they had no way back.
    He hoped his Maison would have the same seductive effect on people.
    Indeed the sumptuous Medusa head is the protagonist of many Versace collections in different rich colours and refined details making them unique and highly desirable among Versace cult followers.
  • Baccarat

    Baccarat red crystal Eye Photo Frame

    315,00 250,00

    Baccarat crystal red Eye photo frame with red gift box.
    Size 13 x 18 cm

    Memorable moments: framed. The Baccarat Crystal Picture frames with the amazing Eye Collection cuts in red shades. The frames are hand-cut and designed by Nicolas Triboulot.

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